Integrated virtual colonoscopy products from Viatronix, Medicsight see EU debut
Viatronix Inc. and Medicsight PLC detailed the joint European commercial release of their integrated virtual colonoscopy products with CAD (computer aided detection). Medicsight PLC will be presenting the integrated solution at the annual congress of the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) in Lisbon, Portugal, June 12-15.

The Viatronix V3D-Colon, integrated with Medicsight's CAD system for performing virtual colonoscopy, has received the CE Mark for commercial sales in Europe. The integrated system is designed to aid physicians in the early detection and identification of polyps and has been tested at more than 25 sites throughout Europe.

The Viatronix V3D-Colon for virtual colonoscopy allows physicians to interactively view the colon as reconstructed from a CT scan, providing visualization of the entire colon where polyps or other lesions may be located. Medicsight ColonCAD API is an image-analysis software tool designed to be used with CT colonography scans to assist radiologists in detecting and measuring potential colorectal polyps.