Intelerad fuses PET/CT with IntelePACS
Dec. 5 – Intelerad Medical Systems debuted PET/CT fusion functionality in IntelePACS at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

The new PET/CT fusion functionality brings the capabilities of a dedicated PET/CT fusion workstation to IntelePACS as a fully integrated module for Inteleviewer, the IntelePACS native viewer. The PET/CT fusion module provides clinicians access to specific PET/CT statistics such as standard uptake values and volume measurements.

Additionally, PET, CT and fusion views can have independent color maps and window levels. A key feature of the PET/CT fusion module is a rotating MIP view to develop a volumetric sense of areas of high FDG uptake. Within the rotating MIP view regions can be removed to concentrate on areas of specific interest. InteleViewer’s standard features, like advanced region of interest functionality, including freehand drawing, are available in the PET/CT fusion module. Similarly, slice thickness, plane location, angle and separation can be manipulated in the sagittal, coronal, transverse and oblique views. Intelerad will begin installing the PET/CT module for clients in mid-2008.