Intuitive Imaging updates its PACS
Dec. 5 – Intuitive Imaging Informatics unveiled enhancements to Rational Imaging PACS and ImageQube web-based PACS at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

New developments for Rational Imaging include the expansion of PET fusion with the ability to facilitate workflow by doing full-body MIPs and volume region of interest. Efficient memory management allows simultaneous display of comparison exams for ease of including available priors and saving annotations. Mammography reading has been improved with the development of MG overlays and presentation state to better harness data from digital scanners and MG Scoring. MR Angio has been enhanced with the addition of MIP. Additional templates have been developed for orthopedic practices.

Flexibility is furthered by new exam assignment and custom auto-load worklist efficiencies. Ease of logging in to diverse applications is made possible with single sign-on available through Intuitive’s Unison application. Newly completed development provides support for the release of Solaris 10, coinciding with an improved graphical user interface. Archive compression at the intelli-NAS level provides economies in expanded storage capacity for both online and farline spinning disc storage, joining the existing compression at the jukebox level. Auto-diagnostics improvements alert Intuitive Imaging’s support staff to potential on-site difficulties, so corrective action can be taken, often before the site is even aware of any problem.

ImageQube provides improved custom protocols using one-click layouts. Also new is a fully-automated, personal DVD/CD burner capability, providing exams, reports and key image displays of both primary and rendered data (PET Fusion), for Windows users.