Invivo highlights breast CAD tool
Invivo released its DynaCAD Enterprise Solution is a robust client/server implementation for enterprise-wide distribution of process studies at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

The company said it has implemented the Hybrid Client model, which provides for shared processing on both the DynaCAD Server and the clients within the network. At each client, the user can review patient studies, plan interventions and initiate advanced processing tasks. This is the optimal solution for performance, cost and the demands on the hospital network.

With Shared Workspace and Prefetching, Invivo said that the patient files are sent from the MR to the DynaCAD Server, advanced processed, then sent to the desired clients. Reviewing performance is similar to a stand-alone workstation.

With On Demand, the physician prompts the DynaCAD Server to send a patient study. Once the study arrives, the review is similar to a stand-alone workstation, which is convenient for infrequently used client reading stations.

For clients where bandwidth or network speed is not optimal, Invivo said it offers Data Streaming with adjustable settings of performance, designed for the remote office or physician’s home.