Isodose debuts Flexiplan 2.5
Isodose Control has released its Flexiplan 2.5 brachytherapy planning system, which has CE Mark approval.

Eric van’t Hooft, president of Isodose, said that Flexiplan allows for the “fusion of different datasets, and can digitally reconstruct radiographs from CT images to give professionals complete patient information in one view, allowing fast and easy applicator reconstruction.”

Secondly, complex structures such as the trachea can now be identified as a single structure and contoured in multiple planes, which means volumes of complex structure can now be calculated in seconds, Hooft added.

Thirdly, Flexiplan supports new protocols, such as Mammosite, and includes improved optimization and calculation methods. Dose volumes are now automatically calculated in absolute values, such as cm3. The minimum/maximum surface dose detection can also be expressed in absolute values, according to the Ede, the Netherlands-based Isodose Control.

Previous features such as the zero-reference metric positioning system, smart user interface and offering real-time planning in the same package remain key in this new release, the company said.