J2 Medical
Akucal, an x-ray calibration tool from J2 Medical  
J2 Medical (Booth 9516) is introducing a host of medical data services to accompany the unveiling of the Gymie-R Cassette Holder along with a complete scaling line for the Akucal x-ray calibration tool. The Akucal includes a sphere reference marker with radiopaque indicators to help remove possible sphere size misinterpretation by embedding the sphere size within the x-ray image. The Akucal sphere acts as a standard to which the anatomy shown in the x-ray image can be accurately measured via simple calibration. This ultimately improves accuracy during the pre-surgical planning stage and limits the number of steps required by the technologist providing enhanced workflow for the radiology department, the company says.
In addition, J2 is highlighting several new bases for the Akucal. The first is the flat base, which is a three-sided, flat, plastic, stable unit perfect for use on horizontal surfaces. The second addition is the Magneto, which features a 50mm round magnetic base with exceptional holding power. The third option is a Bucky clamp, which allows the Akucal to be securely mounted to any upright Bucky stand.
Additionally, J2 Medical is releasing the Gymie-R Cassette Holder, a fully positional x-ray cassette holder. It eliminates the need for cumbersome stands and reduces the need for technologist assistance during image exposure. The Gymie-R features a table clamp mounting system, with an expansion slot tray for easy cassette insertion and removal, combined with a flexible arm for perfect cassette positioning.