Kodak augments services at Florida ortho clinic
Eastman Kodak Company's Health Imaging Group has installed a DirectView Web distribution system, DirectView computed radiography (CR) 900 and CR 800 system and a DryView 8700 laser imaging system at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic P.A. in Florida.

The CR 900 system located in the main clinic captures digital imaging exams for 120 patients a day; while the 800 captures images for about 40 patients a day in the foot and ankle clinic, and a second CR 800 captures images about 20 patients a day in the practice's spine clinic, according to Kodak.

The web-based image distribution system stores and manages images from both MRI and CR and makes the images immediately available for distribution to five diagnostic workstations and networked PCs in 53 exam rooms. The distribution system has been interfaced with Misys Healthcare Systems' EHR (electronic health record) system so that orthopedic specialists can review a patient's charts and images on the same workstation or computer. Images are printed to film with Kodak laser imaging systems or output to CDs for use in surgical suites.

In addition, Kodak said the clinic purchased its Healthcare Network and Integration Services from Kodak's Professional Services portfolio to help the clinic design and install an affordable network, and to integrate the new Web-based distribution system with the clinic's MRI systems and an existing patient EHR system.