Kodak provides Unity Health System with Secure Email Services

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Eastman Kodak Company says it will deploy its Kodak Secure Email Services at Unity Health System in New York. Developed by Kodak's Health Imaging Group, the service encrypts e-mail messages and attachments enabling physicians, patients and other authorized users to share patient-identifiable information securely over the Internet.

Kodak says its Secure Email Services allow virtually any type of electronic document, including reports, electronic records, billing statements and imaging studies, to be delivered securely to any recipient - worldwide - without the need for additional software at the recipient's site. Unlike secure Web portals or Internet databases where doctors might only share pre-formatted information, secure email allows for a two-way dialogue not just between physicians, but between the doctor and patient if necessary, based on specific needs the patient may have.

Encrypting messages in less than 1/10th of a second, the system is compatible with existing firewalls and any SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) mail system. In addition to encryption of patient information, the secure e-mail service allows security administrators to implement virus scanning, content filtering and archiving of e-mail messages.