Kodak software simplifies access, storage
Eastman Kodak Company showcased a new software option for KODAK CARESTREAM Enterprise Information Management (EIM) at HIMSS07. The option, Watch Clinician Patient Repository Access, offers healthcare providers more convenient access to patients’ medical imaging exams while facilitating integration of images with electronic medical record systems.

Cardiology and oncology studies are normally available only from dedicated system workstations. This simplified image access enhances the diagnostic process and simultaneously delivers improved staff and clinician productivity by negating the need to go to several locations. Access is tightly controlled by system administrators: physicians and staff may be granted either read-only or read/write privileges, and access can further be limited to individual patients or specific exam modalities. Physicians, for example, can open imaging files stored in cardiology, oncology and other imaging systems in addition to traditional radiographic procedures available through the PACS.

Kodak’s content browser is capable of launching applications (such as DICOM viewers, ADOBE ACROBAT Reader, MICROSOFT Paint) so the desired medical record can be displayed on any PC. An EMR can use a URL link to provide access to Kodak’s software, just as the EMR links to other databases in an organization. Kodak’s EIM platform also provides the ability to capture a variety of reports from clinical and hospital information systems using an HL7 interface and supports XDS protocols initiated by IHE to enhance sharing of fixed content records. IHE has defined a set of standards-based integration profiles for information exchange that includes cross-enterprise document sharing.

CARESTREAM EIM solutions can be integrated with a customer’s existing storage area network or network-attached storage systems. This solution is part of KODAK CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions. The solutions portfolio also includes KODAK CARESTREAM Regional Information Management for intelligent, enterprise-wide storage management on a regional level and CARESTREAM Hosted Information Management, which offers business continuity and disaster recovery by hosting an organization’s data remotely at a secure Kodak data center.

KODAK CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions are composed of software, industry-standard hardware and professional services that can include network analysis and upgrades, data migration, secure email service and other options. Kodak’s CARESTREAM architecture can be scaled to meet the needs of small-to-large hospitals and medical practices as well as regional or national healthcare information systems—all within the same software framework.