Kodak takes order for six CR systems from Florida hospital
Boca Raton (Fla.) Community Hospital has ordered six computed radiography (CR) systems from Eastman Kodak Co.'s Health Imaging division.

The 394-bed hospital will implement the Kodak DirectView CR 850 and CR 950 systems as part of the facility conversion to a digital environment. The hospital has installed two Kodak CR 950 systems in the general radiology department, one Kodak CR 950 system to serve two emergency exam rooms, one Kodak CR 850 system in the operating room and one of each CR system in the hospital's outpatient imaging center.

Kodak DirectView EVP software - purchased with each CR system - also will provide optimized images with increased latitude and high-contrast image detail.

The Kodak DirectView CR 850 system is a single-plate reader for 14-by-17 inch cassettes, which can output at a speed of 91 cassettes an hour for this size. The CR 850 system processes up to 104 cassettes an hour including other sizes.