KOM Networks gains patent

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KOM Networks was awarded a patent for providing restricted write access to a storage medium, which protects one of the core technologies used in company's KOMworx and Shieldworx software. The patent describes the mechanism that automatically restricts operations such as file delete and file overwrite to preserve data authenticity and integrity. The patent can be applied to various storage management applications such as long term archiving and compliance.

"Today's customers require data storage technologies and software capabilities that can effectively archive, secure and preserve their data. Recent studies have indicated that 50 percent of the vulnerability of the data integrity originates from within the organization. The causes vary and they are not necessarily malicious in intent but the result is always the same and in this day and age maintaining data integrity is an uncontested necessity," said Taher Shaath, MD, CEO, KOM Networks. "The patent describes the mechanism to evaluate file manipulating operations and determine whether these operations should be allowed or rejected based on defined policies independent of who the user is. This unique approach supplements file system security limitations that allow privileged users absolute reign over the data they own. We are pleased to be awarded this patent and to have our innovations recognized."