Migratek v. 2 Advanced Migration Services from Laitek  
Laitek (Booth 1606) is spotlighting Migratek v. 2 Advanced Migration Services, which reads, processes and transmits medical imaging data directly from the legacy system database and storage media to the new PACS archive. As information is extracted from the existing PACS archive, any proprietary formatting is eliminated and the data are transformed into standard DICOM 3.0 information.    

The Migratek v. 2 tool kit provides a virtual DICOM archive during the data migration process that unifies ongoing access to data, wherever located, through a single DICOM Query/Retrieve interface, the company says.            

As part of its data migration services, Laitek also offers 24/7 migration data flow management, user-controlled emergency migration pause features, web-based migration reporting and user-based administrative access control.