Language and Computing scores natural language processing patent
Language and Computing (L&C) has obtained a U.S. patent for a conceptual world representation of natural language understanding system and method for uncovering data within EMRs, as well as healthcare documentation to automate medical coding and assist with administrative and clinical decision-making.

L&C said it is the "only vendor that offers a patented, customizable, deployable NLP solution to the healthcare industry."

This technology enables physician groups, hospitals and health IT providers to extract information from healthcare documentation for medical coding, decision support, compliance adherence, core measures reporting, business trend analysis, according to L&C.

"[More than] 80 percent of a healthcare organization's information is stored as free-text. With L&C's patented NLP solutions, organizations can extract and reuse discrete data elements that would otherwise sit within those free-text clinical documents. The result is unstructured medical documents that become functional databases and the driving force behind core programs such as medical coding, billing and quality of care initiatives," said Peter Huisman, president and CEO.