LouHIE launches e-health research
The Louisville Health Information Exchange (LouHIE), a nonprofit community organization based in Louisville, Ky., has initiated an 8-week e-health research initiative. The study is intended to assess the readiness of 1.2 million consumers, as well as their healthcare providers and related health information product and services (HIPS) firms, to support a community-wide health record banking system.

The research, which will include web-based and telephone surveys as well as focus groups, is a joint effort of LouHIE, the Noblis healthcare division, and the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences.

Upon completion of the research, LouHIE plans to develop a business plan and issue a request for proposal for one or more vendors to build and operate the health record banking system. In addition, LouHIE plans to offer HIPS vendors the capability to link their products and services to it.