LUMEDX launches long-term Coumadin tracking software
LUMEDX, a provider of cardiovascular imaging and information systems (CVIS), has introduced software to manage data and track patients on long-term Coumadin (warfarin) therapy.

The Anticoagulation Module allows clinicians to make critical clinical information accessible, according to the Oakland, Calif.-based company. The company said its Anticoagulation Module:
  • Automates the workflow to track lab values, dosages and complications;
  • Makes records accessible, on- or off-site;
  • Helps satisfy new JCAHO patient safety goals for anticoagulation therapy; and
  • Promotes quality of data by eliminating hard-to-read handwritten records and redundant data entry.
“The management of patients taking Coumadin requires access to – and input of – patient information by multiple people in multiple locations,” said Rhonda Staton, director of product management, at LUMEDX.