MagView module makes breast imaging environment paperless
During the 2008 Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle, MagView premiered its Patient History module, which allows breast imaging facilities to electronically collect the same breast history information that patients currently fill out on paper.

“In mammography, it is particularly important to collect the patient’s past history. We produced a way to electronically collect that data, and the module stores that information,” Jon Morris, vice president of sales and marketing at the Burtonsville, Md.-based MagView, told Health Imaging News

Morris explained that the patient would be given a tablet upon entering the doctor’s office, which would download the patient’s previous data, so that patient would simply need to respond yes or no to the questions they have already answered, as opposed to having to fill out paperwork with each doctor’s visit.

“Our tablet will get the patient through that information quickly, and then that data are immediately available in the system, so when the physician goes to generate a report, he doesn’t have to find a file or piece of paper,” Morris said. “In the digital world, we’ve synchronized the digital image with the data.”

The physician’s report can also be exported via HL7 into an EMR, according to Morris.

According to the changing needs of each practice, the questions within the Patient Module could also be altered within a 24-hour period.