Mammography solution takes center stage at Vidars SIIM exhibit
Vidar Systems Corporation of Virginia displayed a full range of products last week at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I. One of the center stage systems was DiagnosticPRO Advantage, which has a number of technological advances including higher speed and improved image quality. It features a “mean time between failure” (MTBF) rate of > 50,000, a modular 25-sheet film feeder, and a field replaceable LED illuminator system. With its high-resolution capabilities (44.5 microns), the DiagnosticPRO provides the ability to digitize mammography films, and offers larger spot size options for digitizing general radiographic, CT, MR, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine films and exceeds the American College of Radiology Teleradiology Practice Guidelines.

Also on display was the CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer, designed for mammography CAD. The CAD PRO is able to digitize a four-film case in less than 120 seconds, which is double the speed of most other digitizers on the market. It features an innovative film feeder design that is continuously loading. The 50-sheet film feeder’s advanced design eliminates film jams, double-feeds and film pick-up problems that occur with other digitizers. This feature allows the user to add cases without interrupting the digitizing process.