Managing Your Practice in a Transforming Health System
Sunday, April 5, 9:15-10:45 AM

What does it mean to practice cardiology in today's changing healthcare landscape? Well, the answer is not all that clear, which is why this session should be a "must attend" for anyone in a cardiology practice.

Private practices are increasingly being integrated with larger healthcare systems. And while many of those practices have experienced positive effects associated with integration, there still are practices that want to maintain their independence. How can they do that with increasing financial pressures in an uncertain economic and practice climate?

There are several different models of integration, with which practices can explore to find the one that best fits their needs. There also are ways to better prepare one's practice in the event that integration is likely. Practices should understand the market, understand their value, understand the power structure involved in negotiations to integrate, as well as to stay independent. This session should help with all of that.

Speaker Information

Part I: State of Cardiology
  • Jerome L. Hines, MD, Illinois Heart and Vascular, Hinsdale, Ill. -- Overview of the State of Cardiology
  • Anne Rzeszut, MedSurve, Washington, DC -- ACC: Practice Census Data Update
  • Patrick J. White, President of MedAxiom, South Lyon, Mich. -- Practice Trends
  • David Gans, Medical Group Management Association, Denver -- Physician Compensation Trends and Models

Part II: Integration -- A Retrospective View and Prospective Approach
  • C. Michael Valentine, MD, Cardiovascular Associates, Lynchburg, Va. -- Governance
  • Gregory D. Timmers, HSHS Medical Group, Springfield, Ill. -- Valuation
  • Cathleen Biga, President and CEO of Cardiovascular Management, Woodridge, Ill. -- How to Gauge Your Deal and When to Walk