Matrox releases Onyx companion for Equinox Series
Matrox Graphics has released Matrox Onyx, a PCIe, single-slot, fan-less companion board to its Matrox Equinox Series, a graphics extension unit Series.

According to Montreal-based Matrox, Equinox enables operating room (OR) architects, administrators and surgical staff to design and deploy high resolution or high definition dual displays away from the host PC.

When used with Equinox, Onyx reproduces the medical display and imaging capabilities onto displays next to the host PC, allowing OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries outside of the OR and between two rooms, the company said.

Onyx supports dual independent outputs for digital displays (up to 4 MP each) and analog displays (up to 2 MP each), allowing any combination of digital and/or analog resolutions and orientations.

The features, including display replication for high-resolution/high-definition support and ExtendiGray technology, are only available when both products are used together.