Matrox technology upgrades the OR
Matrox introduced the Matrox Equinox Series graphics extension technology for operating room (OR) planning and control, visualization, and connectivity at SIIM 2007 in Providence, RI, earlier this month.

The Matrox Equinox Series brings pristine image quality from a single PC computing station to remote displays, allowing hospitals to replicate OR displays and distribute medical information to various locations, providing operator access to data, audio/video, and imagery. Using fiber-optic cable allows each Equinox station to be located up to 250m away from the computing station.

Equinox Series interfaces to a single PC computing station which can be networked and securely located outside the OR, resulting in less congestion within the OR, and the ability to use standard commercial PC computing station platforms. Data and image information can be routed to Equinox Series stations using a standard Microsoft Windows environment which simplifies distribution and control. It is compatible with high resolution digital displays up to 4 MP—ensuring output flexibility. Displays can be configured to accommodate a variety of resolutions and orientations. OR staff can route images from the control or planning room to the displays located in the OR, or vice versa, for total control of the onscreen images. The use of fiber-optic cable ensures that no signal data is lost, so images remain precise. Equipped with Matrox PowerDesk control center, Matrox PowerSpace desktop management and Matrox Desktop Divider applications, multiple workspaces can be defined and deployed to any connected display on an Equinox station.