Matrox tests projector system to display medical images, announces Avnet will bundle technology

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Matrox Graphics Inc. has tested its TheatreVUE display projector controller boards with Lariviere and Image Smiths' VeriLUM for LCD/DLP and D-ILA Projectors system. Together, the systems permit the viewing of calibrated, high-quality medical images using a projector rather than a single display.

Lariviere's VeriLUM for Projectors is a DICOM-compliant projection system that supports DICOM Part 14 calibration for LCD/DLP and D-ILA projectors, allowing for the presentation and calibration of x-ray and ultrasound images, Matrox said.

The projector system is comprised of software and hardware for projectors and features a USB connection and gamma correction applied through the Matrox TheatreVUE display projection controller board in the PC.

The system can be used in projection environments, including medical trainings, presentations, and case review.

In related news, Matrox announced this week that Avnet Visual + Data Solutions will bundle the Matrox RAD Series and Matrox TheatreVUE Series of display controller boards with select Eizo RadiForce medical displays.

These packages allow medical imaging professionals to view high-quality images in review, diagnostic and educational settings. With the ability to clone the primary display to a projector, the Matrox TheatreVUE medical display projection controller boards can be used in theatre-style classrooms and operating rooms.