McKesson (10012) is unveiling two new Horizon Cardiology products for the cath lab, including Holding Area Charting and the Nurse Charting Station. The products are an enhancement to McKesson’s vision for the Integrated Cath Lab, allowing pre- and post-cath data and vitals to be charted and stored in Horizon Cardiology’s singular database. The singular database provides efficient and accurate acquisition, storage, retrieval and distribution of pre- and post-cath information.

When information is captured with the Holding Area Charting station, the technologist on the hemodynamic monitoring system has access to prior patient information such as demographics, past medical history, lab results and vitals. The hemodynamic procedure can begin immediately. All information from the hemodynamic procedure is synchronized with the workstations in the pre-procedure holding area as well as in the recovery room. 

The second product to be unveiled is the Nurse Charting Station. This application enables the nurse in the cath lab to work in parallel and in complete synchronization with the technologist in the control room. All charted data is immediately captured in the central database and becomes part of the final procedure report.

Both of the Horizon Cardiology products simplify and expedite information flow in the cath lab. They increase data accuracy by minimizing duplication, thus strengthening the facility’s commitment to patient safety.

Horizon Cardiology is a complete cardiovascular information solution (CVIS) that uniquely includes fully integrated hemodynamic monitoring and ECG Management. Built on a singular platform, Horizon Cardiology integrates reports, images, waveforms and measurements into a central cardiac patient file. Images from multiple modalities and information are accessible over local networks or the web, including web-based report finalization. All the information becomes part of the electronic health record, connecting the entire care team as the patient moves through the enterprise.

With their depth of information technology experience across the healthcare industry, McKesson leads the way with the only complete CVIS built for cardiologists, but with an enterprise perspective.