Median gets FDA OK for LMS-Liver
Median Technologies has received 510(k) pre-market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for LMS-Liver, its clinical application for the evaluation and follow-up of lesions identified in liver CT images. LMS-Liver is part of Median LMS—Lesion Management Solutions—a comprehensive portfolio of applications providing automatic tools to support image visualization, lesion detection and quantification, temporal evolution assessment and automatic reporting in lung, liver and colon CT scans.

LMS-Liver is a software application for the evaluation of liver CT images. Radiologists using this application can segment hepatic lesions and automatically obtain key characteristics such as volume or longest axial diameter. LMS-Liver greatly facilitates the temporal comparison of two examinations of the same patient by synchronizing the images between two scans, performing an automatic pairing of the lesions and calculating their growth and doubling time. In addition, the application automatically generates reports according to RECIST criteria used to assess response to treatment.

LMS-Liver is available from standalone workstations, PACS workstations or any appropriate PC on the network in multi-user environments.