MEDIAN Technologies
MEDIAN Technologies' LMS-Lung/
Track: a lung lesion follow-up.
MEDIAN Technologies (Booth 9157) is showcasing its product portfolio that includes MEDIAN LMS – Lesion Management Solutions that include clinical applications for the management of cancerous or other suspicious lesions diagnosed in chest and abdominal CT scans. LMS applications include LMS-Liver, LMS-Lung/Track, LMS-Lung and LMS-Colon.

MEDIAN LMS-Lung and LMS-Liver assist the radiologist in all steps from lesion detection, measurement and follow-up to report generation for the referring physicians. LMS applications generate reports according to RECIST criteria used to evaluate the response to treatment of solid tumors. MEDIAN LMS-Colon, which is not yet FDA approved for sale in the U.S., is specialized for CT colonography interpretation. All LMS applications are designed to be integrated in clinical routine to improve the workflow and productivity.