Medicalis introduces new analytics product
Medicalis introduced its new Percipio Analytics product, which allows data mining and analysis of orders and outcomes, last month in Chicago at the 93rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Percipio Analytics is used to understand current ordering patterns, identify areas of cost or reimbursement improvement, and track the ongoing success of Percipio radiology decision support deployments.

Percipio Analytics is a flexible, in-memory data analysis technology that allows multi-dimensional manipulation of large sets of clinical data. Users can select dimensions, measures and other analysis criteria on-the-fly and immediately receive results. A graphical user interface allows users to view and aggregate data at an enterprise level as well as drill down to individual records.

The only way for organizations to be more efficient is “to get rid of paper,” said Bill To, vice president of marketing. In industry surveys, 54 percent of users said they wanted decision support in their information systems. “So, the company grew its decision support information to accommodate a broader user base,” said To.

To also said that Medicalis’ authorization piece, added to Percipop last year, has been a “huge boon” for short-staffed facilities and imaging centers. In fact, three big payors in Minnesota have implemented radiology benefits management solutions. As a result, the payors give exemptions for 1-800 calls for orders placed within the system. “Precipio can help smaller hospitals on many levels,” said To. That includes trending, and better understanding of utilization and appropriateness.