Medicare extends reimbursements of brachytherapy seeds
Brachytherapy seeds are often used in
the treatment of prostate cancer.
Source: Velocity Press

Congress recently enacted the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007, extending the Medicare safeguards initially enacted in 2003 for brachytherapy seeds administered in the hospital outpatient setting.

The new legislation includes an extension of the current reimbursement policies for brachytherapy seeds through June 30, ensuring that the Medicare program does not implement potentially restrictive caps on reimbursement during that period. President George W. Bush signed the legislation on Dec. 29, 2007.

The “legislation extends the protection of reimbursement for seeds,” said M. Christine Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Theragenics, a manufacturer and marketer of brachytherapy devices.

The Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 postponed the implementation of fixed per seed rates until July 1.