Medicsight releases ColonCAR Software, new portal for radiologists
Medicsight PLC announced the market release of Medicsight ColonCAR 1.2.1 in the USA and European at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. Colon CAR 1.2.1 is an image analysis software tool designed to be used with CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy) to assist radiologists in searching for and measuring potential colorectal polyps.

Medicsight’s ColonCAR (Computer Assisted Reader) uses a series of filters deployed against image data from CT colonography studies. The filters highlight spherical areas as small as 5mm (or the size of a small pea), allowing radiologists to examine these areas in 3D in order to judge their potential as true polyps. Radiologists are also able to manually highlight any irregularities for closer inspection. Once suspected polyps are found, the software can determine the shape and features, precisely identifying the boundaries and showing the lesion in 3D with automatic diameter and volume measurements. This allows the radiologist to accurately review and monitor polyps over time.

The company also announced the launch of -- a medical imaging software portal for radiology professionals -- that provides downloadable access to medical imaging software and related clinical research and developments. The portal offers access to a variety of advanced imaging software in a pay-per-use portal that eliminates the need for a large capital investment in software. targets five clinical application areas with imaging software from software partners: cardiac, thoracic, breast imaging, orthopedic, and gastro intestinal.