Medipattern's B-CAD Breast Lesion Tracking System
Medipattern (Booth 5875) is introducing enhancements to its B-CAD breast imaging CAD solution. B-CAD brings a solution to breast ultrasound imaging that combines CAD with structured digital reporting. B-CAD v1.3, available in the United States, and B-CAD v2.3, available outside of the U.S., are the first breast ultrasound CAD tools to provide decision-making support for lesion analysis. Sonographers can view the prior exam and prior reports in B-CAD, and then take all of the patient notes and describe images and measurements in a digital format. The digital worksheet can be sent to radiologists to review in B-CAD or on PACS workstations. B-CAD v2.3 is available in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as English.