Medis Medical Imaging Systems
Medis QMass MR  
Medis Medical Imaging Systems (Booth 3338) is presenting its measurement software portfolio for neuroradiology and its latest version of cardiac MR software solution QMass MR, with new functionality for automatic contour detection of the right ventricle (RV) in cardiac MR images.

QBrain calculates volumes and volume changes in brain MRI, offering insight into disease development through the viewing of studies acquired at different points in time; supporting qualitative analysis of follow-up studies; automatic and manual 3D registration; automatic and manual segmentation of brain volumes and lesions; calculation of volumes and lesion load in the brain; and a comparison of analyses performed at different points in time. The other three quantification packages in the neuroradiology portfolio being demonstrated are software solutions for analyzing carotid arteries in MR and CT studies: QPlaque MR, QAngio MR and QAngio CT.

Left ventricular automatic contour detection is at the core of the QMass MR software, which enables cardiologists and radiologists to analyze cardiac MR studies and combine quantitative results with qualitative findings. The software also now makes RV automatic contour detection available to the cardiology and radiology communities.