Medison launches new ultrasound technologies
Medison, a diagnostic ultrasound systems company, has released it new SonoAce X6 model, and is planning a global launch of its new Accuvix V20 model later this year.

The company said its SonoAce X6 is a compact ultrasound system, built upon existing software-based technology with a variety of imaging functions such as sensitive spectral, color and power doppler facilitating hemodynamic diagnoses of vascular anatomy and pathology. In addition to doppler sensitivity, X6 also incorporates speckle reduction filter, full spectrum imaging, and pulse inversion harmonic imaging. The swivel and tilt 15-inch LCD monitor and console layout. 

The Seoul, South Korea-based MEDISON said its Accuvix V20 will provide a variety of 2D, 3D and 4D technologies including 3DXI, XI Vocal, Ovix (Oblique View eXtended), Color STIC and Inversion 3D. VolumeOS, the operating system of the V20, offers 3D/4D performance through an intuitive interface.