Medisys board requests more info from CML Healthcare
In response to the unsolicited communication from CML Healthcare Income Fund (CML) expressing its interest in a transaction with the Medisys Health Group Income Fund, the Medisys Board of Trustees and the Independent Committee have requested that CML provide more details concerning its proposed transaction.

Medisys Health Group is Montreal-based healthcare and diagnostic imaging services provider.

CML's initial communication did not contain any details concerning the nature or value of such a transaction, or what conditions may be attached to it.

When the Medisys’ board receives those details, they will meet to further consider the proposal and evaluate any definitive transaction presented to it with a view to assessing whether it is in the best interests of all stakeholders.

Medisys’ board also cautions unitholders and others considering trading in units of the fund that no binding agreements with respect to any transaction have been signed by the fund, and they will update unitholders as material events occur.