Medmatics anticoagulation software links with Google Chrome
Medmatics, an anticoagulation software company, has partnered with Google to link its software to Google’s Chrome Browser, a new open-source browser.

CoaguTrak, the anticoagulation management software application with native support for Firefox 3.0, is the first anticoagulation software to support Google Chrome, according to the New Windsor, N.Y.-based Medmatics.

Since it is optimized for Web 2.0, the company said the new Google Chrome Browser enhances the performance speed for Ajax-powered features of CoaguTrak, such as list editing, type-ahead lookups, rich text editing, drag-and-drop and quick-add portlets.

Medmatics said its CoaguTrak supports three other web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
The company said its CoaguTrak support for Google Chrome is being rolled out in phases to customers. Once the rollout is complete in mid-October, all CoaguTrak functionality will work with Google Chrome's current release.