Mednet to offer wireless heart monitoring with AT&T
Mednet Healthcare Technologies, a provider of cardiac monitoring products and surveillance services, is releasing its HEARTRAK External Cardiac Ambulatory Telemetry (ECAT) solution to facilitate wireless monitoring of patient devices via Bluetooth-enabled cell phones across AT&T's 3G and EDGE wireless data network.

Until now, patients using Mednet heart monitors utilized a toll-free number and had to place their monitoring device near a landline phone receiver to send a signal to a central monitoring center. With the new ECAT solution, patient data will be automatically transmitted via Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, which synchronize with the heart monitor to streamline data transfer and enhance ease of use.

Using AT&T's wireless network, the ECAT solution will allow the monitoring device to automatically record and send real-time patient data to a central monitoring center, where physicians can access and review the data. In addition to wireless monitoring, Mednet will also use AT&T voice services so cardiac technicians and physicians can quickly reach out to patients if needed, according to Frank Movizzo, CEO of Mednet.