MedQuist launches new dictation system

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MedQuist Inc. last week introduced its DocQment Ovation, a web-based, enterprise digital voice capture and transport system. The system has been build around what MedQuist views are priorities for dictation systems, such as HIPAA compliance, web-based, centralized administration, and automatic document routing, the company said.

Ovation has been designed to provide easy-to-use tools to manage documents, users and workflow from any computer with internet access, potentially creating numerous productivity improvements. Physicians have the option of capturing their dictations via telephones, PDAs, and desktop computer-based devices.

Document Ovation was specifically engineered to be compatible with MedQuist's previous-generation dictation stations, thus facilitating the retention and recruitment of transcriptionists, and making it easy for providers to upgrade with little or no physician retraining required. Deployed at the customer's location, Ovation provides an enterprise view that allows transcription supervisors to easily manage users, documents and voice files from a single dashboard instead of using multiple systems. Ovation's sophisticated configuration options enable administrators to easily track work and share resources in order to get the right document to the right transcriptionist at the right time.