Medrad (9077) is highlighting its Mark V ProVis angiography injection system and its new Medrad Avanta fluid management injection system.

Medrad Avanta is a fluid management system for multiple cardiac imaging applications; coronary, ventriculograms and aortograms. The single system is intended to inject contrast in variable mode at low flow rates and low pressures for coronary and small vessels, fixed mode at high flow rates and high pressure injections for larger vessels and peripherals, and fixed mode for saline flushing.

Mark V ProVis is a microprocessor-controlled angiographic injection systems, which features: mechanical stop to minimize risk of over-injection; articulating arm extends reach for ease in positioning close to patient; height adjustable arm; rotating, tilting control panel; multiple syringe configurations (60/150 ml, 150/150 ml, 200/200 ml); floor, ceiling or wall mount options add flexibility; and segmented control panel.