MEDStreaming gains FDA approval for Medical Office platform
MEDStreaming has received FDA approval to market its Medical Office suite of products. 

The Seattle-based MedStreaming said the Medical Office platform provides a productivity engine that combines the support for everyday needs – that stems from clinical practice requirements – with medical exam evaluation and report publishing. A full repertoire of DICOM tools such as Modality Worklist can be included with the application which will also auto-populate the patient information directly into the modality equipment. Additionally, MEDStreaming has incorporated a "Streaming" technology for image and audio information which is built into the Medical Office application. 

The platform provides: DICOM data management; Microsoft Office Interoperability; Automated ICAVL/ICEAL/AIUM Accreditation; SR Based Reporting publishing and data mining; SR Based Data tracking and trending; streaming with sound; CPT/ICD-9 Database; and HL7 interfaces.

The products went on sale immediately following the clearance and the company said its Beta trial customers were upgraded to the released level version 1.