MedSynergies rolls out MSI Imaging
Healthcare revenue cycle technology developer MedSynergies has unveiled MSI Imaging, a data-access tool for channeling data into the revenue cycle workflow, from Explanation of Benefits (EOB), checks, and correspondence, according to the Dallas-based firm.

The application provides for healthcare and patient data collection and indexing into revenue cycle management (RCM) software as well as practice management systems such as GE Healthcare’s Centricity Group Management, MedSynergies said.

The product is designed to support practice managers, physician practices, hospitalists, and healthcare billing providers, the company said. MedSynergies stated that the MSI Imaging system offers claims processing, enhanced standardization and automation in secondary claims filing, easier reconciliation, improved denials management, accounts receivable (A/R) management, and over-the-counter (OTC) collections.