Medtronic launches new insertable cardiac monitor
Medtronic has released its Reveal XT insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) to the U.S., and reported the first implant of the new device.

The procedure was conducted by Blair Grubb, MD, professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio.

Medtronic said the ICM is placed just under the skin of the chest area in a short outpatient procedure, captures an electrocardiogram (ECG) during the actual episode. To store an ECG, a patient places a hand-held, pager-sized assistant over the device and presses a button. Later, a physician analyzes the stored information, transmitted via the Medtronic CareLink Network or during an in-office patient visit, and determines whether the episode was caused by an abnormal heart rhythm.

The Minneapolis-based company said its Reveal XT device joins the Reveal DX ICM as an ICMs that offer remote monitoring capabilities, via the Medtronic CareLink Network, and which allow physicians to confirm or rule out an abnormal heart rhythm.