Medtronic’s new Specify SureScan MRI surgical leads receive FDA approval

Medtronic, the medical technology, services and solutions company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, announced today that its Specify SureScan MRI surgical leads have received FDA approval.

The new surgical leads, which are designed for use as part of the company’s implanted spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems for chronic pain, rounds out Medtronic’s portfolio of full-body MRI SCS systems.

"Medtronic appreciates the opportunity to offer physicians the only full portfolio of SCS systems that allow patient access to full-body MRIs, facilitating optimal patient care and timely interventions," Julie Foster, of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic, said via a company press release. "Medtronic remains committed to the advancement of spinal cord stimulation therapy overall and continues to ensure greater access to MRIs across many of our implanted Medtronic systems, such as pacemakers, ICDs and deep brain stimulation systems."

The new Specify SureScan MRI leads will become available to clinicians and patients later this month.

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