Mercury announces three new offerings
Mercury Computer Systems Inc. announced three new offerings that provide whole power, real-time interactive and photo-realistic 3D rendering, and real-time 3D ray tracing.

Aimed at existing 3D application developers, OpenRTRT is a state-of-the-art software development kit that delivers real-time ray tracing capabilities. Ray tracing is a 3D rendering technique based on complex mathematical algorithms that is used to produce realistic images. It traces the path taken by a ray of light through a scene, and calculates reflection, refraction, or absorption of the ray whenever it intersects the scene.

For 3D graphics application publishers, DirectViz provides the power of the OpenRTRT technology within the de facto standard framework for 3D application development. DirectViz is an extension to Version 6 of Open Inventor by Mercury Computer Systems.

For end-users who need a desktop application offering the entire workflow for project review in industrial design, Mercury introduced Patchwork3D, by Lumiscaphe, a developer of products in the field of aspect digital mockup and photo-realistic 3D real-time rendering. Patchwork3D is a comprehensive software workshop for interactive 3D digital design.