Merge co-president steps down, forcing deck to reshuffle

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Merge Technologies on Monday announced that Brian E. Pedlar has resigned his post with the company. Pedlar was serving as co-president and co-chief executive officer, as well as president of Cedara Software. Robert J. White will continue to serve as the Merge’s interim president and chief executive officer, as well as the president of Merge eMed. White will continue to report to Michael D. Dunham, the chairman of the Merge's Board of Directors. Dunham is doing his own interim stint as principal executive officer on an interim basis. 
Also as a result of Pedlar’s departure, Loris Sartor, VP sales, and Jacques Cornet, VP-business development and marketing, will administer the operations of Cedara Software until the company finds a replacement president for the division.
In other Merge news, the unsettled times for the company continued unabated when it was reported that Merge last week receiving yet another written notification from the Nasdaq Stock Market stating that the company's failure to timely file its Q2 2006 quarterly report would serve as an additional basis for possibly delisting Merge from the common stock.
The notice claims that the review panel will add this missed deadline to the list of infractions Nasdaq officials will consider as they decide whether to allow the company to remain in the listing. Other notices have concerned Merge’s failure to comply and file its quarterly report on Form 10-Q for Q1 2006 and its annual report on Form 10-K for full year 2005.
Nasdaq previously granted Merge an additional time allotment to file all of these reports, which expires Aug. 29th. Merge hopes to include the Q2 numbers by this date as well, according to a released statement by the company.