Merge eFilm releases eFilm Workstation 1.9

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Merge eFilm is offering eFilm Workstation 1.9, which upgrades the functionality of the company's current model.

eFilm Workstation 1.9 adds advanced volume rendering, an enhanced MPR tool, enhanced orthopedic template capabilities, customizable toolbars based on individual user preferences, and enhanced performance in on-demand image streaming access to Merge eFilm's Fusion PACS. With eFilm Workstation, users can examine multiple studies simultaneously, cross-reference, measure, rotate, pan, zoom, and annotate in a single application.

The new eFilm Workstation 1.9 is available as a stand-alone software module and as the visualization component of Merge eFilm's Fusion RIS/PACS software.

A 30-day trial version of eFilm Workstation 1.9 is available for download at