Merge features multi-modality digital mammo workstation
Merge eMed, a Merge Healthcare company, showcased at RSNA 2006 MergeMammo, a multi-modality, vendor-neutral softcopy workstation for reading and review of digital mammography images.
With MergeMammo, breast images from any modality can all be displayed on the same workstation, allowing radiologists to quickly compare images on a single screen.  Beyond its multi-modality capability, the company said its workstation is vendor-neutral so that users can simultaneously read images produced by any vendors' device on a workstation, eliminating the need for organizations to invest in and radiologists to learn multiple mammography workstation software applications.

Merge highlighted a number of applications for the workstation that are works-in-progress, such as improved full-resolution viewing, algorithm-driven display capabilities to optimize screen real estate, and improved inverted imaging.