Merge goes mobile
Merge Healthcare unveiled Merge Mobile at this year’s RSNA conference in Chicago, Nov. 30 through Dec. 4.
The mobile technology enables patients and healthcare professionals to view digital medical images such as CT, MRI, x-ray and other images on an Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

Merge Mobile is intended to help health organizations and clinicians improve quality of care, reduce costs and improve responsiveness to patients. Applications built upon Merge Mobile technology will enable radiologists to view emergency cases from their iPhone or iPod touch, consult with colleagues and, when necessary, forward critical findings securely to a patient’s referring physician.

Merge Mobile technology also will enable the development of applications to retrieve CT, MRI, x-ray and other images wirelessly, and to perform standard radiologic manipulations to guide decision-making. Merge Mobile incorporates advanced remote rendering techniques, including MPR, which eliminates downloading of large data quantities to the mobile device and enables near-immediate access to images. Features include remote stack viewing using the iPhone multi-touch interface, scroll, contrast adjustment, zoom and pan. A secure communication protocol addresses privacy.