Merge Healthcare debuts eFilm Scan 2.0 as stand-alone scanning solution

Merge Healthcare has released its eFilm Scan 2.0, an application designed to scan conventional medical films using third-party digitizers, without the need for an eFilm Workstation desktop DICOM viewer. 

eFilm Scan supports all major film digitizers and also provides TWAIN support for compliant flatbed scanners. Films may be scanned at various resolutions as 8-, 12-, or 16-bit grayscale images (depending on the digitizer), which can then be windowed/leveled, flipped, rotated, duplicated or segmented within eFilm Scan. Users can order images and either send them as DICOM 3.0 studies, with relevant patient information, directly to a PACS or burned to CD, according to the Milwaukee-based company.