Merge tackles software piracy with eFilm amnesty program
Merge Healthcare has launched Authentic eFilm, a software amnesty program to help organizations comply with license agreements for eFilm Workstation and to address unauthorized software use.

Clinicians use eFilm Workstation to view digital MRI, CT, x-ray and other images to diagnose and recommend patient treatment.

Under the Authentic eFilm program, Merge will require eFilm users with license validity concerns to complete a software audit form by Dec. 31. Participation in the process will enable organizations to validate compliance with end-user licenses, including verification that they are not using pirated versions, shared software, multiple installations or expired licenses, the company said. Users who discover they are non-compliant have the opportunity to purchase a license without penalty during the amnesty period, which expires on Dec. 31.

Merge said that on Jan. 1, 2009, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) will begin auditing organizations that are reported to the SIIA as being non-compliant with eFilm licenses and will seek damages against organizations with illegal copies of eFilm Workstation or copies exceeding those allowed by license.