Mergers & Acquisitions: NEC divisions merge, Revolutions completes Clear Image buy
NEC Corporation said it has it merged its Visual Systems Division and NEC Display Solutions of America. The integration brings the North American projector, plasma display and LCD monitor businesses into one company called NEC Display Solutions of America.

“The new organization will benefit from the combined management resources and technology assets to improve development, manufacturing and sales of NEC’s visual display equipment business,” said T.J. Trojan, president and COO at NEC Display Solutions of America. “Our customers have been asking for this combination, which makes a lot of sense from a strategic perspective. A stronger, more streamlined structure will ensure faster response to diversified market needs and provide our customers with premium visual display products and solutions.”

Revolutions Medical Corp. has completed its purchase of Clear Image Acquisition and launched a new corporate website. “The proprietary MRI software tools that Rev Med now owns: color, 3D, and auto segmentation, addresses such a huge market… The need for quicker, reliable patient diagnosis is a must for the healthcare industry. I feel Rev Med’s new MRI proprietary technology will assist with these important healthcare needs and will continue to develop new products for the medical industry,” said Ron Wheet, CEO.

The company’s newly launched website,, offers video presentation regarding the Rev Vac 3cc safety syringe and details the new acquisition.