Meta Fusion
Meta Fusion Multi-Site PACS and RIS  
Meta Fusion (Booth 5401) is showcasing an innovative, uniquely reliable PACS and RIS architecture supporting multi-site radiology workflow, multi-country localization and advanced integration with the OsiriX Apple Macintosh DICOM viewer.

Being demonstrated at the Meta Fusion RSNA booth is a unique distributed-server configuration that will drive fast and reliable multi-site PACS/RIS workflow. Meta Fusion’s advanced image management architecture relies on multiple servers—typically one at each participating site—that collaborates across a network to integrate information, functioning as autonomous peers. The major advantage to users is that if one server fails, the entire PACS/RIS solution does not stop functioning, the company says.

An added advantage of this distributed server architecture is that the PACS/RIS solution becomes completely scalable; as a new locations are added, distributed workflow can be expanded into the new sites by the addition of local servers.

In support of hospitals and healthcare facilities seeking new ways to practice high-quality, cost-effective medicine in today’s increasingly economically challenged environment, Meta Fusion offers full support for the OsiriX DICOM viewer. The open-source OsiriX viewer is expected to receive FDA clearance in 2009, opening up new possibilities for deployment around the country.

Complementing this is the debut of enhanced dictation and speech recognition features for the Macintosh platform across the Meta Fusion product line. This includes optimization of Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition for integration into a RIS reading environment. Also being introduced is a corrective dictation feature that enables radiologists to examine and correct transcription files remotely, supporting today’s growing distribution of workflow between specialized service providers.