Meta Imaging Solutions
Chrysalis breast displacement system with optional shielding  
Meta Imaging Solutions (Booth 3005) is featuring CT dose reduction technology, the patent-pending Chrysalis Breast Displacement System that decreases breast radiation dose while doing CT coronary angiography and CT of the abdomen. In contrast to other dose-reduction methods, the breasts are physically displaced out of the imaging plane and secured with the Chrysalis device. A randomized trial showed median dose reductions of 88 percent in the peri-areolar region and 95 percent in the upper quadrants while at the same time showing improved image quality in patients with large breasts, the company says. The device is constructed of soft, padded vinyl to encircle the patient. There are four components that may be inter-connected to fit to all patient sizes. Optional external shielding can be accurately placed out of the imaging plane by means of fiducial markers on the Chrysalis and secured to the device by Velcro.