MiCardia receives two new patents for its adjustable cardiac implant technology
The U.S. Patent Office has notified MiCardia that a new patent has been issued for its Dynaplasty Technology.

The patent, “Adjustable Cardiovascular Implants and Methods for Reshaping Tissue,” along with the recently issued patent, “Shape Memory Devices and Methods for Reshaping Heart Anatomy,” form the foundation of MiCardia’s Dynaplasty Technology.

MiCardia said it is developing its Dynaplasty Technology for the percutaneous and non-invasive treatment of structural heart disease including mitral valve regurgitation, tricuspid valve regurgitation and congestive heart failure.

Dynaplasty Technology provides devices that can be implanted into the heart, and then adjusted either during the procedure or post-operatively for the proper shape and size to produce the maximal clinical outcome at the time of the surgery or at long-term time periods post-operatively, according to the Irvine, Calif.-based MiCardia.

The company said it continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio, as well as its platform to other clinical applications, and currently has four pending and 30 filed patents surrounding late-stage heart failure.